Infant Program

The infant’s first year including the first breath, the first smile, first thoughts, first words, and first steps.
0-6 Months Old
  • use reflexive motor actions suck as sucking and gasping
  • sit with support (4 months)
  • mimic adult’s facial expressions and gestures
  • move their bodies in response to human voice
  • when awake and alert, scan the environment
  • can discriminate between sweet, bitter and salty
  • are active in their own development
  • have memory capabilities from birth
  • produce Social smiles in response to people they know

6-12 Months old

  • have color vision
  • have visual acuity
  • sit without support (8 Months)
  • begin walking (12 Months)
  • have increased deliberation and purposefulness in response to adults
  • can say Da-Da and Ma-Ma (7-9 Months)
  • are active in their own development
  • continue improvement in mental abilities
  • form specific infant -staff attachments
  • speak their first words

Motor Development is essential for infants and toddlers because it contributes to the intellectual and skill development. Motor development plays a major role in social and behavioral expectations.