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The preschool curriculum is planned and implemented with the purpose of encouraging each child optimal, individual development. This is done by providing activities and materials that all children develop knowledge and practice skills in each of the developmental domains physical, social, language, emotional and cognitive.

Activities are planned by teachers with children moving freely among the Center. Some activities occur in a large group setting. Most of the time however, is spent in a small group or individual are designed to provide balance in the child’s day: active/quiet, large/small motor, individual/small group, large group, children-initiated and indoor/outdoor.

The teachers’ role in the centers’ curriculum is to:

  • 1. Arrange the environment with activities and materials planned for each of the following learning areas: Large motor, art, manipulative, language, science, dramatic play, mate, puzzles, blocks, outdoor play sensory, circle time, meals, naps
  • 2. Facilitate and expand children’s play in these areas so that each child’s learning is encouraged in a way appropriate to his/ her developmental level.
  • 3. Encourage creativity, expressing creativity in art music movement, creative dramatics and language.